Executive Summary

Super Smart* stores will bring disciplined business expertise to the currently undermanaged and fragmented smart shop industry in Holland.

By introducing retail best practices and consistent branding across multiple locations, Super Smart* plans to capture in market share and improved margins in this rapidly growing segment.


Our Business Strategy to Becoming Market Leader

Global Scale

Being able to order and buy in bulk, thus gaining significant cost-saving advantages.


Improved Gross Margin through single back office operations to handle all retail, sales, accounting as well as product ordering and tracking.

Omni-Channel Retail

Having a dominant retail brand allows for our Web presence and sales to be greatly improved while having a much lower cost of customer acquisition.


Work very closely with all regulatory bodies in Holland to stay fully compliant with best in class business practices of customer acquisition. Licensing dependent on zoning which enables municipality approval.


Scalable to additional European markets as regulations evolve

Experienced Leadership Team

Super Smart* has put together a highly experienced and diverse management team with a proven track record in retail, marketing, brand building, web sales and education. By setting out to build brands with stores Super Smart* believes it will be able to quickly become a dominant force in the current smartshop retail and web sales environments. Super Smart* will capitalize on its expertise to consolidate the current fragmented market with full regulatory compliance and best in class business practices and become the go to name in the smartshop industry in Holland and beyond.

Harry Resin
Chief Executive Officer

Harry has been in the cannabis business for the last seventeen years. He first worked as a supply chain consultant to the coffee-shop industry in Amsterdam and then as a founding member of an original Amsterdam seed company. This early participation with cannabis also led to consulting work with Amsterdam’s smartshop industry. Harry has also worked as a journalist in the industry. He served as a staff writer for High Times and also wrote for numerous cannabis publications including Cannabis Now, Skunk and a Medical Cannabis Journal. His cannabis breeding experience led him to creating strains that were best suited to ice water extraction as many of his early medical patients needed a more concentrated form of cannabis medicine. His experience also led him to psychedelics and to experiment with psilocybin and its
potential health benefits.

A highly fragmented market ripe for consolidation

Around 93% of all smartshops across Holland are managed by single shop operators

Not more than a handful of proprietors own more than three stores. Individually or as a group!

No dominant retail brand exists in the current smartshop industry.

Four Distinct Markets

95% of all smartshop sales in Amsterdam are to foreign tourists

Smartshops strategically located near neighbouring countries

Up to 60% of its client base, depending on the smartshops’ location

Wholesale and retail sales of smartshop products via designated websites

Current Situation Presents Opportunity
Super Smart* plans to roll up independent stores into a national consolidation strategy. In taking advantage of the current situation, we anticipate being able to acquire shops cheaply, scale rapidly, and become a nationally recognized brand.

The current lockdown due to the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus has dramatically affected the Dutch smartshop market. With 95% of its revenue generated by tourists, Amsterdam’s smartshops in particular are experiencing a plunge in direct sales. Only 4 of its total of 26 smartshops are currently open. As time passes, the situation offers an increased opportunity to enter its marketplace at an unprecedented rate.
The Super Smart Brand
Super Smart* aims to build a dominant smartshop brand as well as a line of branded products. We set out to be the clear market leader and take advantage of the current and future holistic treatment trends.

CBD Products

Magic Truffles

Grow Kits




Store Design & Vision
Following the acquisition of smartshops, Super Smart* plans to roll out new store designs and fixtures, with a unified look and shopping experience at all locations. Product assortment and presentation will be upgraded to aid navigation by consumers and encourage incremental purchases.

It is anticipated that Super Smart* branded products will be introduced in multiple categories across the Super Smart* shop network to provide product consistency, sourcing efficiencies and to create the opportunity to build brand loyalty and awareness via available marketing vehicles.