What is Super Smart?

Super Smart is a new concept for the Dutch smart shop retail industry.

"Smart shops" are retailers that legally sell psychedelic mushrooms in the Netherlands. Currently, they are fragmented mom-and-pop operations without a sophisticated brand or national reach.

Our plan is to introduce multiple shopping locations under one unified retail brand: Slim Winkel. Our goal is to become the trusted source for entheogenic plants across the Netherlands.

In addition to retail, Super Smart is also investing resources in building centers of excellence around education, advocacy, innovation and product development.

Our mission: to eliminate the stigma around psychedelics and elevate consumer knowledge and perception.


Retail Experience

Slim Winkel is our Netherlands-based retail brand where we are revolutionizing the way that psychedelic mushrooms are bought and sold. We are creating a model retail and accessible shopping experience at our location in XXXX and plan to roll out additional locations across the Netherlands in the coming months.


For customers not fortunate enough to live in the Netherlands, many of our mushroom products and apparel items are available through our online store. We follow all local laws and regulations when it comes to shipping our products.


We believe that the key to normalizing and de-stigmatizing the medical and recreational use of psychedelic mushrooms is to provide clear, concise educational information from a trusted source. It is our goal to be that central source of information.


While we know that power of mushrooms is profound, we also know that there is much more to learn about these amazing fungi. Currently, at our state-of-the-art lab, our dynamic research staff are exploring beneficial and interesting new ways to cultivate and consume mushroom products, with many new products on the horizon.


We believe that the world will be a better place when psychedelic and medical mushrooms are readily accessible to those who need them. We actively support groups around the world who are furthering the legalization of entheogenic plants and psychedelics.


We are huge proponents of the power of mushrooms to support balance, wellness and general health. Whether you're looking to microdose a small amount of psilocybin, along with Lion's Mane and Chaga, or are a seasoned pro embarking on a heroic trip, we can help optimize your experience.